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About Us

Our Story

Suzette's Organics is far more than an organic restaurant, it is our family table brought to the public. In 2003 our family began eating organic in our home. Since then it has been our goal to show the world organic food is far more than just smoothies and salads. Suzette's is a Filipino inspired restaurant based off of Suzette's mother and grandmother's recipes. 


Beginning in 2018 the dream that is Suzette's Organics came to life. While originally designed to be a food truck, a local restaurant location became available and the vision changed. Suzette's has now become the go-to spot for farm-to-table organic cuisine in western Montana.

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Clay and Susana with their three children, Anthony, Emilio, and Lillia. The five of them make up the heart and soul of Suzette's Organics. 

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